About VIP Table and Bottle Service Las Vegas

About VIP Table and Bottle Service Las Vegas

About VIP Table and Bottle Service Las Vegas

Let’s talk about the best reasons to choose a VIP table and bottle service through a VIP
Concierge Service while visiting nightclubs, day clubs, pool parties and DJ parties in Las

  • No nightclub door fees and no bottle service cover charges
  • Immediate entry into nightclub with no lines or waiting
  • Your own VIP Host to guide you personally to your table
  • Secured and private table with comfortable seating and viewing arrangements
  • IP bottle service provides an exclusive server at your table
  • Much ore accommodations can be arranged for each VIP treatment package.

VIP service in Las Vegas provides you with the only way to experience Las Vegas with
the VIP red carpet treatment.

Once you hire a VIP concierge service like Upbeat Vegas to take care of all of your Las
Vegas wishes, you will feel as if you just won your first award winning Oscar. There is
no better feeling than that. Just relax and enjoy the VIP treatment from start to finish.
It is our top priority and the priority of your VIP Host to make sure that you are having
the best experience therefore, your VIP Host typically goes above and beyond to make
sure your desires and expectations are met. This is also true if you wish to get tickets to
a game, a Vegas show or a tour such as the Vegas strip helicopter tours, etc.
If you are planning a special event or just a girls’ night out…Hire a top VIP Service in
Las Vegas.

Contact for VIP Table and Bottle Services in Las Vegas

Contact us today for the best custom VIP treatment you will receive with Upbeat Vegas,
a Las Vegas Destination Management Company offering the best VIP Concierge
service in Las Vegas.

Website: https://www.upbeatvegas.com/ / Email: info@upbeatvegas.com

Phone: +44 7432 324 789 / +1 702 815 3302

What’s New in Las Vegas 2019?

What’s New in Las Vegas 2019?

What’s New in Las Vegas 2019?

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There can be no question that Las Vegas is a never-ending spiral of new and enticing restaurants, bars, casinos and clubs. This city was built on change and advancement, with new venues cropping up faster than people can keep track. The term ‘out with the old and in with the new’ is Sin City’s adopted slogan, so it is no surprise that 2019 will bring many changes and exciting additions. Lets get right into it so you can start booking those spring/summer holidays, because these are some things you do not want to miss.


For all the foodies out there, we are sure you’ve seen the drool-worthy videos of edible cookie dough, but until now these trends have only hit cities like New York or London. Well, pack those stretchy pants because Doughp (said ‘dope’) is going to join the Miracle Mile Shops roster, located inside Planet Hollywood Hotel. Delicious, mouthwatering cookie dough will be served in ice cream cones, and a multitude of flavors like Minty AF will keep everyone happy, and maybe a little chubbier, all vacation long.

Robbie Williams

For all you Brits out there just buzzing to get your short shorts out and enjoy a little time in the Vegas sun, we’ve got even more good news for you. Robbie Williams is doing a residency at the Wynn Hotel, with shows starting in March and running through the summer. For those who aren’t familiar with his songs, fear not- he is on the level of some of the old school favorites like Justin Timberlake and Michael Buble, though unlike the latter Williams appears more than just around Christmas time. Check out the Wynn’s website for details.

Dry Bars

Ladies have always had an advantage when it comes to salons and spas- cocktails, pedicures, manicures and hair styling just come hand and hand. Being pampered has always been a time honored classic in Vegas, and with the Dry Bars that have popped up around the strip, such activities are even more accessible to visitors and locals alike in Vegas. Well, step aside ladies because the newest addition to the Cosmopolitan Hotel is the Barbershop Cuts and Cocktails. Basically the same idea as the services being provided for women for years, this concept allows their male patrons to sip (manly) cocktails like Old Fashioned and the like while getting those fades sharpened up. Being pampered should belong to both sexes, so get ready to indulge lads.

The Palms

The Palms has been a Vegas staple for as long as we can remember, so it is standard practice that is is receiving a massive makeover/revamp. The iconic hotel, which once was known for it’s Playboy Suites, is renovating the premises to include a new rooftop nightclub, which has already opened and replaced Ghostbar (now called Apex), and a handful of new restaurants meant to rival the likes of Gordan Ramsay’s. It is rumored the new pool will be one of the biggest in Vegas, with their pool party signing some big name acts once opened. $620 million has gone into the update, so be prepared to be awed.

As technology continues to advance beyond most people’s wildest dreams, Las Vegas continues to modernize every square inch of the strip, staking their place as one of the most impressive cities in the world. Another addition to the already growing number of concert venues will be the MSG Sphere, a 500 foot wide by 360 foot tall sphere meant to house concerts, which will reportedly change the way concerts are heard and seen- we are talking added internet audio speakers in each seat for a surround sound experience for each guest. Construction was begun in 2018 and the Sphere is reported to be open later this year.

Weed Dispensaries

Weed cafes have long been a dream for anyone who enjoys the occasional, or regular, smoke. But until recently, recreational use of marijuana was limited to a person’s private residence in Las Vegas, despite being legalized for purchase. Now every stoner’s dream has finally been realized, with smoking lounges coming soon to Sin City. We reckon it’s about time, seeing as this city was built on illicit promiscuity and debauchery. A little cannabis here and there (in our opinion) is on the low end of trouble a person can get themselves in to, so why not allow tourists and locals to indulge in a more social setting while raising the bar on this city’s ‘cool factor.’ There is still a lot of yellow tape, but it is a pretty sure bet these cafes will be seen sometime in 2019- and we are stoked.

Elrow Comes to Las Vegas

Vegas has, for a long time, been partial to two genres of music within the clubs- House/EDM and Hip Hop. But that is all about to change after the Elrow Family performed at the Wynn last year. Now, after rave reviews about the addition of Deep House to Vegas clubs, the Wynn Nightlife properties will be hosting other Deep House DJs the likes of Jamie Jones, Carl Cox and many more. No longer must fans of this genre idly bob their heads to top 40 bangers- lets get it with these iconic legends- Vegas pool parties will never be the same again.


Finally, for all you club hoppers or even those that just dabble, the highly anticipated news that Drake might be performing at one of the most popular clubs in Las Vegas was confirmed when he told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that he planned to do 12 shows over the next couple years. XS, which is a favorite among Vegas regulars, locals and occasional visitors alike, has hosted Drake before, and would definitely boost their already powerhouse-filled roster of performers from incredible to out of this world. Keep an eye out for dates and details. 

Listen, we could go on and on with all things Vegas 2019, but the list above is more than enough validation to make you crack out those savings and book a flight to spend a few days under the desert sun with us. Contact us for all things Las Vegas, including hotel packages, excursions, shows, day and nightclubs and restaurants. We look forward to seeing you.

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