New in Las Vegas this winter and 2020

New in Las Vegas this winter and 2020

New in Las Vegas this winter and 2020

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It is hard to keep up with all of the new experiences that seem to crop up in Las Vegas almost every month. Each year, more hotels, shows, bars, restaurants (you get the idea) are built, changing the flashy skyline faster than we can comment. And with each new endeavor, the city becomes a bigger beacon for visitors from all over the world to come party, gamble, eat, drink and play to their hearts content. With that being said, it is always good to stay in the know of up and coming ventures, so you can plan your dream holiday to Sin City the right way. Here is all that should be appearing over the next year, with an emphasis on all things BIG TIME.

Raiders Stadium

If we are talking big time- then the Raiders Stadium is at the top of the list. For anyone who has been to Vegas lately, you will probably have seen the looming building growing larger by the day. Set to open in 2020, the stadium will seat 65,000 football fans and host too many epic games to count during it’s lifetime. We can only imagine what the half time shows will look like, seeing as we are set in the entertainment capital.

MSG Sphere

The world has never been so futuristically inclined as it is now- and there is nothing like a huge space defying orb that will boggle your mind and change the way concerts are seen (and heard). Simply titled the MSG Sphere, this concert venue is the design of Madison Square Garden inventors, so we expect big things. Think high def screens, seats that literally pulse with the beats of the music, and options to increase or decrease your personal sound experience to fit your needs and expectations. The Sphere will be able to hold 23,000 guests, and will be situated just off the strip for easy access. If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to be in a Sci-Fi film… wonder no more.

Kaos pool gets a dome of its own

Speaking of domes, it has been a long time in the making for such a structure to be built over the Vegas hotel pools so guests can enjoy the summertime feels year round. Those dreams have become a reality, and Kaos pool will be the newest to house a cover that means the parties won’t stop once the weather takes a turn for the colder. In fact, the Kaos dome will be over 70 feet high (big enough to encase that towering naked sculpture we all know and love) and is sanctioned to be finished by Halloween for the club’s “Demon Dome” Halloween party. If we didn’t have you at ‘towering naked sculpture,’ then the headliner, which will be none other than Cardi B, should solidify your resolve to book those tickets.

Resort World

As if we didn’t have enough choice on where to stay here in the oasis, the newest addition to the strip hotels is due to open in December of 2020. Resorts World is bigger, more elaborate and exquisitely draped in all things 5 star. 59 stories of impressive rooms, restaurants and bars/lounges should have guests chomping at the bit to get a reservation here, with fans of the other Resort World properties vouching for their envy-inducing reputation. If it seems like we don’t have much to tell you yet, it is simply because the hotel and its amenities must be tried to be fully comprehended- no amount of text can do it justice.

Fuerza Bruta

If it feels like its been awhile since something new in the nightlife game has hit, the wait will soon be coming to an end. Fuerza Bruta, an interactive artistically directed show/ dance party extravaganza is opening at the Excalibur in 2020 to what will certainly be immeasurable excitement. Changing the way shows are produced and performed, this one has the audience placed in the center of the stage, (which is set in an outdoor high tech tent-style arena) while the show commences around them. It is meant to encourage an interactive vibe from the onlookers, shrugging off the old school of thought that the audience should be seen and not heard. We can bet it is going to be incredible, as the show originated in Buenos Aires and they don’t take their entertainment lightly down there.

While we are biding our time in high excitement awaiting these new venues and ventures, there are a few things that have opened this year that are still worth shouting about. The new Zipline at the Linq Hotel lets visitors soar over the promenade of shops, restaurants and bars before ending at the foot of the High Roller Wheel. A great day or night activity for all ages and adrenaline (or lack there-of) seekers. Eataly inside the Park MGM has debuted in 12 different countries(!) and is now serving Las Vegas foodies. Multiple stalls, bars and seating areas allow people to wander around, taste and watch as their favorite Italian dishes are made right before their eyes. The food is to die for, and the Aeperol Spritz is one for the books. And finally, the household name of Vanderpump has finally made its mark on Sin City, with Lisa Vanderpump herself spearheading the cocktail lounge inside Ceasars Palace Hotel. The dreamy setting is perfect for date night or cheeky drink before a big night on the town. You’ll be rubbing elbows with the stars, even if they are only famous on reality TV.

So mark your calendars, empty those saving accounts and start planning your whirlwind trip to Las Vegas. It is going to be a year of wonder, excitement and parties so extravagant you’ll never want to leave- but book fast because many others will be wanting to indulge in their share of the fun. Contact our agents at Upbeat for any holiday needs, and let us customize your dream Vegas vacation from the ground up.

The 8 Things You Have To See In Vegas

The 8 Things You Have To See In Vegas

The 8 Things You Have To See In Vegas

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We understand there’s a list of activities to do in Vegas a mile long, but we want to make sure you make the most of your trip. We’ve complied our top picks so that you can feel like you’ve done and seen it all- without the hassle of spending hours searching the web for the best companies or options.


Kaos Pool Party & Nightclub

With spring upon us and summer not far behind, of course one of our first suggestions is a pool party. The strip boasts a variety of venues, and the music ranges from hip hop to deep house, so everyone will be able to find what they are looking for. Some of our personal favorites include Marquee, Daylight, Encore Beach Club and Wet Republic, though regardless of where you go, you’re sure to be blown away. Also, this summer will see the opening of KAOS Pool the largest pool on the strip, along with a $12 million dollar statue as its centerpiece. The skimpier the bikinis and the stronger the drinks, the better the party, right?


Freemont Street

Vegas is a place unlike anywhere else, but when that desert sun sets on the strip and those neon lights turn on, the boulevard comes alive. One of the best places to indulge in the vibes of the city is Fremont, or Old Las Vegas as its also known. Grab a drink from one of the CVS or souvenir shops along the original Vegas Boulevard and peruse the old casinos and bars, or stop into the newer additions such as Container Park, where old shipping containers have been converted into shops and restaurants. If you want to live a piece of Nevada history, swing into Atomic Bar, the longest standing bar in the city. While you’re down there, take a ride down the Slotzilla Zipline or snag a photo with any of the costumed characters for the ‘gram.

Goldspike Bar

Goldspike Bar is a local favorite, with life size beer pong and Jenga, or sneak a peak at the elusive Laundry Room speakeasy inside Commonwealth bar (password required). Cheap, cheerful and bursting with activity, this Vegas To Do shouldn’t be missed.

It is said that Vegas was built on losers, but as Bob Dylan once said: the times they are a changing- and now everyone can feel like a winner while visiting this utopia of debauchery and promiscuity. Being subjected to long lines and average view points of a world renowned DJ are a thing of the past- now bottle service and VIP tables are accessible to any who desire it, and we can assure you: it’s worth it. Treat yourselves to dance floor tables, or enjoy a view of the bustling strip on one of the many ultra lounges or rooftop clubs that grace the city. With affordable prices and hosts there to assure quality service, you’ll feel like a baller, even if you’re on a tight budget.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

While visiting the city that never sleeps, you may feel like some fresh air could help with those post party blues (also known as hangovers from hell). We suggest checking out the helicopter tours to the Grand Canyon, where you can scope a bird’s eye view of the incredible natural wonder of the world, all without having to don those hiking boots. Landings with picnic lunches are available, or if the canyon isn’t your thing, try a night flight over the strip for half the cost but just the right amount of ‘wow’ factor.

Sky Diving

While on the topic of daytime activities, for those adrenaline junkies out there, we have some suggestions for you, too. Skydives are always a must for anyone brave enough to try, but you can also get that rush from ground based activities like shooting guns, driving over old cars with military grade tanks or racing high end imported cars. Helicopter tours offer the chance to shoot machine guns out the side of a moving chopper, or dune buggies can be rented and driven through the desert terrain with wild abandon. Packages for all of these activities are available, allowing visitors to indulge in their every whim. Besides, who doesn’t want a picture in front of a Lambo after they just raced it down a speedway track?

Mon Ami Gabi

The food in Vegas is the stuff of legend, so while you’re here, make sure to save time to treat your tastebuds as well. Brazilian steakhouses are a popular choice before a night on the town, while restaurants like Mon Ami Gabi in Paris Hotel, which overlooks the Bellagia Fountain Show, serves 5 star French cuisine that will have you in awe of the view and the food. Virgil’s BBQ in the Linq Hotel is a perfect midday snack to keep the booze at bay so you can last until the evening activities, and Firefly Tapas is a great start or end to an evening for groups or a romantic date night. Just make sure to pack your stretchy pants- your stomach will thank you later.

Cirque De Solei

There are many mention-worthy shows in Vegas, but the Cirque De Solei shows are beyond reprieve and an absolute must while on holiday. Ranging from sexually charged to hilariously absurd, there’s something for everyone, and the prices range depending on seating preference to fit every budget. Two of our favorites are Beatles Love at the Mirage and Absinthe at Caesar’s Palace, but you can choose for yourself which Cirque show suits you best. The point is: You won’t be disappointed no matter which you see- we promise.

If you’re trying to see as many of the clubs or pool parties Vegas has to offer as you can, a club crawl might be the perfect solution. This option allows groups to hit up to five venues in one night, all while offering drink specials, line bypass and free entry to be clubs. The same deals run in the spring/summer for the pools, and these hosted events take the chaos out of an evening for those looking to sit back and enjoy a drink while partying in some of the best clubs in the world.

T-Mobile Arena

Finally, calling all you sports fans: we’ve got you covered, too. With the new T-Mobile Arena in full swing, sporting events like UFC and live Hockey Games have locals and visitors alike buzzing to witness sporting history throughout the year. Grab a jersey and a foam finger while you catch the Golden Knights play at their home stadium, or grab tickets to any of the UFC fights that premier throughout the summer. Sports bars throughout the strip also offer fans the chance to sit down with a cold drink and enjoy any sporting event they fancy- most with affordable open bar options that will keep you topped up until last call.


We don’t mind what tickles your fancy- the greatest part about Vegas is we’ve got it all. Be it sports, clubs, pool parties or sky dives, we can accommodate for any adventure, and The Upbeat Team is here to help hand tailor your trip so you can make the most of every minute! Contact us today for quotes, itineraries and more! 

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